Research & Analysis

Wonder what your users think they want? Wonder what they need? Usability analysis can support current hypotheses & uncover areas for improvement. Combining qualitative & quantitative research, I can help you create a roadmap to world domination.

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Interaction Design

Web applications, mobile design, event planning. They are all experiences to design for. I have done them all. Wanna see?

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I have created assets for everything from billboards & tradeshows to social media. You need it, I can make it.

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Design is Everwhere

Everything was designed by someone, often, many someones. I am fascinated by uncovering the stories of invention that no one talks about. Everyday objects that we barely even register, like traffic lights. Did you know, the original traffic light used a white light for go? This became a problem when the red colored lens of the stop light would fall off, leaving the traffic light with a stop that said go. Who knew? Hence, the green lens was added to the go light to avoid dangerous confusion.
All important design must be iterated. Just as the original designers of the traffic light discovered. We can never know what we need to until we fail a little. It is the nature of design to be fallible. By creating and improving, life gets better for everyone.